Our Firm

Bombay Earthing is a top tier Manufacturer, Supplier, Stockist & Exporter in India and around the world

Bombay Earthing has risen as a result of its enormous supply of Copper Earthing Electrode in various grades, sizes, and thicknesses, as well as product quality backed up by prompt after sales service.

Why Bombay Earthing?

We maintain our top after sales service standards. Our belief is to provide customised packaging while adhering to a strict delivery timetable. We contribute to India's economic development narrative by providing high-quality products.

About Bombay Earthing

We are a well known manufacturer of high quality products such as Copper Earthing Electrode, GI Earthing Electrode, Lightning Arrester, Earth Pit Cover and so on. We provide a wide range of items as well as industry leading technologies. Bombay Earthing is committed to producing premium quality products for many years to come. To stay on top of this fast paced sector, we develop and monitor emerging trends from across the world.

Bombay Earthing is an ISO 9001:2008 certified firm that manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality earthing products in its fabrication plant for use in engineering, industrial, and construction projects.

By providing quality products on time and at resonable price, our firm works hard to maintain solid relationships with the steel sector. We provide a Earthing Electrode that is custom made to match the needs of our customers. Bombay Earthing also supply several varieties of Earthing Electrodes & Conductor at reasonable costs.